Friday, November 1, 2013

Reformation Day Celebration

We do not celebrate Halloween in our family. I could give you a list of reasons why we made this choice and why we believe this is the right choice for us, but honestly? It's not my job to convince anyone else what living out their Faith looks like when it comes to day-to-day living. I would simply encourage that if you are a Christian, make sure when your choose to participate in something or not, that you have gone to the Bible yourself and searched for your answers. I believe in the sufficiency of Scripture. The Holy Spirit can answer your questions without my help. I am not convinced that, when it comes to matters of less importance than Salvation, that there is one answer that can be given that would universally suit everyone. I think we have a tendency to judge others as having poor intentions or poor understanding without taking the time to know the whole story, and that's hurtful. If you have questions, search God's Holy Word for answers, not a blog or your best friend's opinion! *steps back off soap box*
We celebrated Reformation day on Sunday with our church family and the kids participated in a contest for best costume-either Reformation or Biblical-themed (they didn't win, but they enjoyed themselves! =) )

My oldest son dress up as a Royal Scribe. He's got a paper-towel scroll with scripture written on it tucked in his belt and a feather made from a straw, paper and tape =) His costume was made from various pieces of fabric (he decided he was a "royal" scribe because one of the fabrics was silk) and a cut up pillow case.
My daughter was, of course, a princess completely with conical hat with ribbons and a royal cape (borrowed from a superhero costume)
We didn't get a great picture of my middle son, you can see him here in his knight costume. This was something we had found at Cracker Barrel in the clearance section several years ago. It lost it's blow up sword after one too many sword fights, so I made a "sheath" out of felt and a new sword out of cardboard and aluminum foil =)

 The baby was dress up as a lion (holding a lamb) seen here with yours truly, (you may call me Mrs. Lion-tamer). I bet that's the first time you've seen a lion sucking on his binky! =)

They also had a bouncy house and a great time playing lots of fun games with their friends. Being from the North, we really enjoyed having October be such a warm month. It's just starting to cool off a bit here (high's between 70 and 80) and I'm finding that fall is still my favorite time of year, though for different reasons. Now we are entering our family "celebration season" 5 out of the 6 of us have a birthday coming up in the next 2 months starting with the baby, who has his first birthday in a week! Add to that Thanksgiving and Christmas and this is such an enjoyable time with small children! Hope you had a wonderful Reformation Day/ Halloween as well! I'd love to hear what your family was up to in the comments!


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