Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Very Attractive Bookmark

 photo Averyattractivebookmark.jpg
     Yes, yes, I pun. =) But I wanted to share a cute for a super simple magnetic bookmark. Cause I'm all about cute, and super simple! =)
 photo IMG_2711.jpg     
Here's what you need:

2 coordinating ribbons 6" each
2 3" pieces of magnetic tape (mine had one side that was sticky, but if yours doesn't then use glue)
lighter or fray check for the ribbon ends

     I used 3 pieces of ribbon because the color I wanted was a thin ribbon, you can use whatever you want, and overlapping will still work fine!

 photo IMG_2713.jpg      
     Use fray check or lightly burn the edges of your 6" ribbon to prevent it from fraying. Stick the ribbon onto your magnetic tape so that the two 3" magnetic tapes are connected on one end by the ribbon.

 photo IMG_2714.jpg

     That's it you are done! Simple and super cute! The two magnets will hold together over one page of a book and hold your place and WON'T slide out!

       photo IMG_2715.jpg

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