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3P Learning - Mathletics Review

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      Do your children love to learn playing online games? I know mine do, so I was interested in the chance to review Mathletics from 3PLearning. You can go to their website and try it for free yourself!

     Mathletics is an online math curriculum for grade K-12. They have games that teach math concepts (that align with common core math if that is important to you) through fun activities and games to engage you child's attention.

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      Two of my children signed up and tried the program, my oldest who is just entering the third grade, and my second oldest who is just entering first grade. There is a separate parents (or teachers) section where I could adjust the level of difficulty for each of my children and check on their progress as well. Mathletics will also send you a weekly progress report by email to keep you up to date.

     This program is not meant to be used as an entire curriculum, but instead as a supplement to your current curriculum. My children were certainly introduced to new concepts as well that they had not yet studied. For instance my third grader (who I set up at second grade level) was introduced to new shapes he hadn't heard of before like decagons (a ten-sided shape) and parallelograms. He also learned about fractions, which he has some experience with in the kitchen, but now he learned more with divided shapes.
     Both of my boys enjoyed the "Times Table Toons" that they had to introduce the 1-12 times tables to your children. They were lively and engaging.

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     My new first grader had a more difficult time with the program. I had him set at Kindergartener level and still some of the concepts that were taught were difficult for him to understand. A few of the games, we felt didn't have sufficient explanation of how to play, and even I struggled to figure out what he was supposed to do. For instance, under "Operations and Algebraic Thinking" They asked the question of my Kindergartener "Which property of addition does the number sentence show?" Then they give and example number sentence and he was supposed to pick between the answers "Commutative Property of Addition" or "Associative Property of Addition" Though my son couldn't read the question, they do provide a button to press to have them read the sentence to you. However, you cannot have it read the answers as well, and neither I nor my son were familiar with commutative or associative properties of addition were.
      However, there were other sections of the program that were using a lot more familiar concepts that my son enjoyed. My new first grader had been struggling somewhat with consistently finding the tens and ones column in a two-digit number and this section of the program was very helpful to him to reinforce this lesson and help him grasp the concept further.

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     There were also some great printable worksheets which we really enjoyed using together. My boys worked on the time and money , measurement, and volume and capacity workbooks. Some of the worksheets had a great creative aspect to them, which my boys love being able to cut and paste or draw their own ideas.

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     For a full year subscription for two students, like I received for review would be $179, though the price is currently on a discounted price of $59 per student.  (as of 8/14)
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