Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snake Oil Review

          Have you ever come across a game that was fun, easy to play, and was educational as well? Let me tell you about Snake Oil Party Potion by Out of The Box Games.

Doesn't everyone dress up like Cinderella when they sit down to play a game?!?

     My kids loved this game from the moment it came out of the box. The pictures and game concept are both visually stimulating and REALLY FUN! Here's how it works: You pick one player to be the customer and they draw a customer card to see what kind of customer they will be. The rest of your players are "Snake Oil Salesman" (like the salesman of the past that were called this because of their dubious wares) You get 6 bizarre words on your cards and you have to combine two of them and try to "sell" the item you come up with to your customer. This is where the fun comes in, it's all up to the customer which one he's going to pick, so you must come up with something fun and well suited for your customer.

     For example, say your customer draws the card for a Treasure Hunter customer. And your 6 cards are escape, spider, face, torch, puddle, and bacon. So now you need to come up with something you think a treasure hunter might like. Escape, you think, that could help! But what for the second word Escape bacon? Escape spider? Escape Puddle?!? This was the part that we enjoyed watch our children's brains work. "It's a puddle that has a secret portal to let your escape any danger!" or "This spider lets you ride out of trouble on his back!" The ideas they all came up with were incredible!. 

      This game was so much fun! We were all laughing together over some of the outrageous product ideas we came up with. The game is labeled for ages 8 and up, however, my 6 year old did a GREAT job with the game and loved it more than anyone and my four year old had a ton of fun coming up with funny ideas to pitch to her brothers.

4 year old pitching her GREAT invention to the 6 year old 
      This game became a quick family favorite that everyone wanted to play. We laughed over the creativity and salesmanship that came out of our three older children as they pitched their ideas and tried to convince us that THEIR idea was the best! 

Special guest appearance during one round of play. 
      This game would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present! I hope you enjoy it as much as we are! 

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