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LaLaLogic Review

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     I was recently given the opportunity to review the La La Logic Preschool Curriculum with my 4 year old daughter. You could start using the program as early as 3 years old, and the program is geared for children from ages 3-6. La La Logic is $29 for a lifetime subscription, and it has a free trial you can try out for one month as well.

La La Logic Review
      La La Logic is based on IQ tests and encourages critical thinking skills and problem solving for your children. As my daughter is only 4 and I haven't done a lot of formal school work with her yet I was amazed at how well she did and how quickly she picked up new skills!

     When you sign in on La La Logic's website you'll be taken to the parent's center which will give you and overview of the 100 week course of study. Each week has both online activities and extra printable and enrichment activities. It's meant to be used at least 3 times a week. For older or more advanced students, it's suggested that you can do extra lessons each day until they reach and area of the program that is more challenging, but it should still be done in order as many activities build on the ones that came before it. There is also an area called "Continuous Brain Challenge Mode" which is great for kids who want to keep going or older children who want to try out the program. (Every homeschool mom knows that as soon as the younger one is seen trying out a new fun computer game, everyone wants a turn!)
La La Logic Review

La La Logic Review     We started out by doing several weeks at a time, since the first lesson were quite simple for my daughter. You can use the activities on a computer or touch-screen type device. We chose to use my laptop as I wanted my daughter to get some practice with the mouse pad (she's quite adept at using the tablet already!)  She enjoyed the funny characters on the screen and called her baby brother over to watch them dance. Most of the activities were pretty self explanatory and she was able to figure out what she was being asked to do with adult assistance (I did sit with her and helped her when she got mixed up). The enrichment activities we did later in the day and she enjoyed having "real schoolwork" like her big brothers.

Overall, we really have been enjoying La La Logic's preschool curriculum. I think its an excellent value for what you get and it will be of a lot of use to us as we still have another children who will grow into it soon! I would encourage you to take advantage of there free trial offer as well, you won't be disappointed. 
La La Logic Review

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La La Logic Review

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