Friday, September 5, 2014

Free Printable! Weekly Home Tasks

           I always feel like September is a great time for re-organizing myself and making new goals. Probably because of the feeling of "back to school" and the cooler weather that always spurs productivity. Not that we are experiencing cooler weather yet where we live now, but I still think of September that way!

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     Now, as a homeschooling mom this hasn't changed! I still look at September rather than New Years as the time to get myself on track and figure out my plans for the next year. I had been using a check off list for several  years to help me keep organized with my basic house cleaning chores, but we had moved since I first made it so it didn't completely make sense anymore.

 photo weeklytasks31.jpg

          So I thought I would share my new list with all of you in case you find it useful as well! Let me share a little bit of how I use it myself.

     I am not a naturally organized person. In fact, my creative side really thrives with a little bit of chaos and "spur of the moment" added into life. But I do know that when I get too far out of balance on the side of that chaos, everything gets bogged down and sluggish. Too many dirty dishes? Dinner takes longer. Homeschooling area gets messy? Takes twice as long to find the worksheet you need. So I have made a list of the basic things of each room in my home needs to keep it running, and then a daily list of what I need to do to keep the house in functioning condition. Notice I said "functioning condition", not spit spot perfect shape! In this season of my life, I'm content with functioning, because let's face it, perfect stylish and beautiful aren't happening!

 photo weeklytasks21.jpg

     Certainly use this schedule any way you'd like, but here's a few things I'd like to mention. I do NOT check everything off every week. I don't change the sheets every week, or vacuum every single day (I do sweep and wipe down the kitchen floor everyday, but that's because the cat's litter box is in there and hard cat litter and bare feet aren't a great combo!) But I know that if I can keep up with MOST of what I've written down here, then my house will be tidy(ish) and I will be able to do all the thing I need to function everyday.

 photo weeklyhometasks5.jpg
She wasn't very good at sweeping back then, but she sure was cute doing it!

     Also, my kids are still young and can't help with a lot on this list, but they can help with some! Some of these tasks get assigned to one of them and this list can help me keep track of when they are finished.

     I like to keep my two lists back to back and in a sheet protector, on my fridge. That way I can use a dry erase marker on it and reuse the same one every week, rather than wasting paper.

I hope you find this list helpful for your September organizing as well! If you do, please leave me a comment below! I'd love to hear your organizational tips as well!