Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Free Printable: Scripture Memorization Psalm 23

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      Here's a free printable for you! This is one of the methods we use to teach our children to memorize Scripture. We print out these pages with pictures to go along every few lines of the verse. Then we start by Mommy reading through the Scripture a few times and pointing at each picture. (I like to stick the pages in plastic sheets or they will get crumpled and stained very quickly in our house!) Then I ask each child to try and read it with me. Usually at first they may only get a word here or there. But we practice it once every day and overtime I am just pointing to the pictures as they do all the reading.

 photo psalm23.jpg
^-- Click on the Picture to get your free printable!! --^

     For older children who can read the words, the next step is to turn the page around so they can not see the words at all, but if your children are young and cannot read yet you can skip this last step.

     What age do I start Scripture memorization with my children? Well, it depends on the child and their language skills, some of my children had quite a lot of vocabulary and ability to express themselves by age 2, I started to work with them on it at that age, however, several of my children were closer to 3 years old before they could communicate well enough to memorize.

     There are several other resources I recommend for learning Scripture with your children. We love the Songs for Saplings CD's! This one is our favorite, but they have several other CD's as well like this and this. Each CD has Scripture songs that not only teach the scripture, but the chapter and verse as well. The songs are fun and easy to memorize and I love hearing my children march around the house singing Scripture songs, or jump into family devotions because they remember a verse that goes a long with what we are discussing.

     There are also some great printables over at Hubbard's Cubbord which we have used in the past to sing during family devotions. The printables give a popular children's song suggestion to match the tune to the verse. I find that not only my children, but my husband and myself have all learn a lot more Scripture simply by singing it!

     I hope this free printable along with the other resources help you learn Scripture with your children as well!  Here's a short video to close with. This is my second son at about age 3 reciting Psalm 23 using the same method as I described above. He didn't have it quite memorized fully yet, but he's still a joy to listen to!