Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Liberty Videos Review

     I was recently given the opportunity to review a movie produced by New Liberty Videos. Out of the 6 videos, I chose to review "A Nation Adrift" because American History is one of my favorite subjects, and happens to be what we are studying for our homeschooling history curriculum this year. This physical DVD retails for $19.95.

         New Liberty Videos is owned by husband and wife, Brian and Marilyn Barkley. Brian Barkley started producing movies 40 years ago with a resume that includes working at Universal Studios in Hollywood. While producing a documentary in the San Quentin prison that he became a Christian. He then began using his producing skills to create faith-based movies.

       I wasn't sure when I received this video whether I would be able to share it with my children (ages 8 and under). They are considered for a general audience, however you are asked to use your own judgment for your family's viewing. For my own family, my husband and I watched it together first, and then decided that there were some subjects, especially in the second half of the movie that were too grown-up for our children at the age they are. However, it was still helpful for my own knowledge of American history as their History teacher! 


     A Nation Adrift is 93 minutes long and gives a timeline of America's history, beginning with the first explorers and why they chose to travel here and on through the years up until the present (the movie was produced in 2004). It presents history in a way that wouldn't necessarily have been as easy in ages past, linking what has happened in our history with how we got where we are today. It includes many quotes from both modern and historical figures showing their opinion on subjects maybe you haven't considered before.

     I really enjoyed the video and so did my husband. I think on an individual basis we all know how our experiences, in conjunction with our beliefs, have shaped us into who we have become and why we make the decisions that we do. However, have you ever considered what decisions in our nations history have caused us to develop certain laws and government practices. If we can see where we started, what we've become and the differences in a successful America compared to one that is failing in many ways perhaps we can better understand what is needed to become a great nation again. 

     This video has a decidedly Christian perspective on the history of our country, and while I do believe it would be important for anyone to watch, it would appeal most to Christians in it's content. It's focus throughout the movie is God's sovereignty during decisions that effected our nation, and how we as Christian citizens can help to turn the focus of our nation back to Jesus Christ during this time of our nation being Adrift.

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