Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Amazing Science DVD from

This is a DVD that I was able to borrow from my local library. It has 2 discs with 23 simple science experiments to teach basic scientific vocabulary and principles like density, electricity, magnetism, heat, temperature, pressure, surface tension, buoyancy, and more. Many of the experiments can be performed with items you probably already have around your house like dish soap, string, or an old soda bottle. Although, some you will need to prepare ahead for. (we can't wait to try the "Dry ice bubbles" experiment when we locate some dry ice!) Each experiment is well demonstrated and then explained after in a way that was easy for my 5 and 7 year old to understand (the 3 year old enjoyed watching, although she didn't quite understand what was going on- however the experiments we tried were still all easy enough and safe enough for her to participate in!) We were able to try three experiments so far, with plans to collect materials to try a few more!
Experiment #1
Color Changing Milk
(you can see this experiment's video right on's website, go check it out!)
They started by pouring out some whole milk onto a dish
then added a few drops of food coloring, being careful not to mix or swirl the plate at all
then, taking a Q-tip that is lightly coated with dish soap they touched the food coloring spots and watched as it quickly spread out!


When I asked my seven year old, he was able to explain that the way the fats and proteins in the milk react with the dish soap, causes the reaction. (the video linked above explains in more detail.) This experiment is really fun and easy for kids to do, and they really enjoyed watching the results!
Experiment #2
Reversing an Image with Water
This was another simple experiment, that was easy to do and the kids really enjoyed! All you need for the experiment is a piece of paper, a dark marker, water and a jar (we also used a book to hold the paper up easier).
 Draw two or three arrows on your piece of paper with your marker.
 Set up the paper and book so that you can look through the glass and see the paper (we folded ours so the arrows would be near the bottom.
 Fill the glass with water (make sure your paper is 2 or 3" behind the glass or this won't work)
The arrows will be pointing in the opposite direction!
Experiment #3
Lift an Ice Cube with String
This was a really fun experiment! The kids all had to try it. What you need is a jar filled with ice and water (lots of ice was important for us- but if it's colder where you are you may not need to fill the whole jar with ice like we did!) a piece of cotton string and salt.

Dip the cotton string in the water making sure it has good contact with at least one piece of ice

Sprinkle Salt on top and count to 10 and lift the string!

Mr. Over-achiever got THREE pieces of ice ;)


Yeah! Caught one!

My oldest son again was able to explain from the DVD lesson, that the salt melts the ice slightly, but then the water washes it away and the ice re-freezes with the string attached.

This is a great DVD to work on some simple science experiments with your children and get them excited about science! My children have watched each experiment over and over and really enjoyed learning the how and the why! If you go to they have the DVD there for purchase. They also have 7 of the experiments that you can watch for free on their site!


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