Friday, April 11, 2014

Star Chronicles Book Review

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     When I was offer the chance to review the new book Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman I was intrigued by what Dawnita said:

"This is a unit study on the constellations and Bible prophecy.  When I did this study with my own children it was out of a desire to get to the bottom of the Stars., that doesn't sound right...  I wanted to get to the truth."

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     Well this idea appealed to me as well! I too wanted to hear some TRUTH about astronomy. It's an area of study that is often ignored by Biblical scholars, but the Bible if full of references to star study and the constellations.

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What Dawnita said next appealed to me as well:

"What this book is NOT:  It is NOT a book of zodiac, astrology, or horoscopes.  You will find NOTHING of the kind in these pages.  There are references to myths and legends and they are clearly stated as such for historical purposes only. "

     Yes! This is what I was looking for in my own homeschool astronomy star study! I wanted to find a book that would help look at the constellations from a Biblical perspective. Since God made the heavens, why did he form the stars in specific patterns and shapes? Does it make sense that they would be meaningless, or that there was no forethought in the way that they were laid out?

      No! Of course not! When we study God's creation, we see design in everything He does. From amazing creatures like the Mimic Octopus to God's amazing spirals using Fibbonacci numbers, there is purpose and precision in his creation and it makes sense that the stars would be no different!

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     Star Chronicles is set up for an interactive study of the stars. We used a scrapbook and printed many of the pictures and verses to cut, paste and color in. This method really helped to keep my 8, 6, and even the 3 year old engaged in the study  (she really enjoyed cutting and coloring!)

     Star Chronicles goes through 12 of the most well-known constellations and examines them in the light of the Bible.
  • Virgin and Bride (Virgo)
  • Justice & Balance (Libra)
  • Sting of Death (Scorpio)
  • Archer (Sagittarius)
  • Goat (Capricorn)
  • Water Bearer (Aquarius)
  • Fish (Pisces)
  • The Lamb (Aries)
  • A Bull (Taurus)
  • Twins (Gemini)
  • Resurrection (Cancer)
  • Lion (Leo)

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     Lets take a quick look at the first constellation, that of Virgo. Virgo, from the Latin Virginis means "virgin". How did that association not come to me before?!? The Virgin Mary, the Bride of Christ. Do we know for certain that God's intention in placing these stars in the sky in this sequence was to foreshadow His plan that the Son of God would be born of a Virgin? No, and Dawnita makes no such claim in her book. Only the possibility and the claim that God certainly intends to point us to Christ through His creation, and that includes the stars!
     I found this book incredibly fascinating and would have enjoyed going through it even without my children (although that was a fun bonus!) I really think you'll enjoy it too! There are several ways you can purchase it:

To buy the book, Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study of the Stars by Dawnita Fogleman you can

Amazon  for $22.35 (paperback)
Create Space for $25.00 (paperback)
Fogleman Forerunner for $12.00 (pdf)

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